Knowledge Management

User Role: Employee
Alexa, open smart office
AI: Hello Martin. Welcome to Smart Office. I'm your intelligent office assistant. How can I help you?
How do i reset my password?
AI: If you forget your password, follow these simple steps to reset it. Navigate to your sign-in screen. From the sign-in screen, click on the Forgot your password link. Enter your email address. Click reset password. An email will be set you with a link to crete a new password.
How do i open a helpdesk ticket?
AI: To open a new helpdesk ticket, visit the company portal, click the helpdesk link in the top right corner of the page. Select the type of ticket you are creating, provide a subject, description and priority of the ticket. Click on submit. If you are too busy to do all that, you can just say, Alexa, Create a helpdesk ticket.
Thank you
AI: Thank you for using Smart Office, Goodbye.