HubSpot Assistant

HubSpot skill empowers field sales and service teams with powerful voice control and offers a set of intuitive voice commands for use from the office desk while on the go via the Alexa mobile app. For example you can say “Alexa, open HubSpot assistant”, "Alexa, create a deal", or "Alexa, list deals", "won deals", etc.

HubSpot Demo

HubSpot skill provides secure integration to your HubSpot SaaS instance in the Cloud with support for Account Linking and multi-factor authentication via one-time Pin. The skill also provides other useful office and productivity skills for News, FAQ, Company Stock, and custom Company KPIs. Other CRM systems supported by the platform includes Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM (Via the SmartOffice Alexa Skill).

Getting Started

To get started with HubSpot Assistant, simply follow our step by step tutorial where we'll guide you through the process. HubSpot skill allows you to use voice to manage your HubSpot CRM. It simplifies interaction with your Deals, Contacts, and Activities through the use of an intelligent voice assistant.

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