AI-Powered Digital Assistant for HealthCare

SmartHealth is an AI-Powered digital assistant for improving patient health and quality of care while they are away from the care provider.

Voiceworx SmartHealth

Care Companion

SmartHealth is focused on improving patient health by offering care plan management assistance, health & lifestyle coaching and enriching the senior living experience though voice assistants.


Smarthealth Areas of Focus

Below are the key areas of focus for Smarthealth:

Patient Digital Assistant
Health Coach/Companion
Pharmacy/Practice Digital Assistant
Senior Living Assistant

SmartHealth Benefits

Patient Engagement – Create impactful interactions with patients before, during and after engagement with the healthcare provider. Areas of impact include appointment scheduling, inquiries, patient notifications, e.t.c.

Quality of Care – Predict areas of challenges in a process of care, recommend bot-assisted interactions to improve the outcome of care or reduce impact of predicted future challenge. Areas of impact include reducing re-admissions, monitoring compliance in long-term care plans, managing preventive care routine.