AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI)

VoiceWorx Smart Contact Center (SCC) enables No-Code creation of intelligent virtual agents for various Contact Center platforms. VoiceWorx enables easy auto-generation and publishing of Lex Bot, provides library of pre-built Lex Bot Templates for common use cases, and supports customizations including integration to enterprise data sources. This significantly reduces Lex Bot deployment time and costs in Contact Centers.

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VoiceWorx Contact Center Features

No-Code Lex Bots

Automatically Generate Lex Bots with No Code in a simplified user interface.

Lex Bot Templates

Pre-Built Library of Lex Bots via our Blueprint Templates (Most Common Use Cases).

Custom Bots with Integration

Custom/Dynamic Lex Bots (Allow users customize bots and extend them with enterprise data sources like SaleForce and APIs).

VoiceWorx Standard Edition

VoiceWorx Standard Edition provides a platform for rapid deployment of Voice-First business solutions in the cloud, with built-in support for the most common use cases required by enterprise customers for Sales, IT Service Management, Operations and Voice Dashboard solutions. Built with data security and compliance as fundamental principles, SmartOffice enable enterprises to quickly adopt Voice based solutions into the enterprise with no development or integration efforts required.

VoiceWorx Enterprise Edition

VoiceWorx Enterprise Edition provides all the features of the Standard edition, and supports integration into various enterprise systems including Salesforce, ServiceNow, ERP systems and Business Intelligence platforms. It is designed to work in both Cloud (SaaS), Virtual Private Cloud, and On-Premises deployment model. This provides our clients with the necessary options to enable them adopt the right model based on their security, compliance and architectural requirements.