Voiceworx and AWS

VoiceWorx.ai has key integrations with Amazon LEX, Chime, and Connect. As an Advanced AWS Partner we leverage our close relationship with teams at AWS to bring solutions to market that expand these platforms enabling the creation of dynamic virtual assistants. This no-code generation of virtual assistant is made accessible to non-developers so businesses can bring their solutions to market quickly at little cost.

Voiceworx SmartHealth

Smart Properties Integration

Alexa Smart Properties provides device fleet management to enable Alexa capabilities at scale. Each of the following solutions is integrated with Alexa Smart Properties and thus also supports features such as assigning skills to devices in rooms, sending announcements, and configuring settings such as which wake word the device responds to. VoiceWorx integrates with Alexa for Hospitality, Alexa for Residential, and Alexa for Senior Living to provide an easy No-Code platform for build dynamic virtual assistants for each use case.

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VoiceWorx Solution Architecture

The VoiceWorx solution leverages a number of AWS services including Amazon Alexa for Business, Amazon Alexa for Hospitality, Amazon Alexa for Residential, Amazon Chime, Amazon Connect, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Honeycode, Amazon Kendra, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS, and Amazon Translate.